Covid Testing in Corpus Christi

Medberry Clinic administers Covid testing in Corpus Christi at our local clinic. We accept patients of all ages for our Covid testing and accept all health insurance plans.

We are guided by our determination to help all of our patients because we care about your health and well-being. We aim to provide top-quality Covid testing in Corpus Christi.

Covid Testing Services

We provide Covid testing services to serve everyone in Corpus Christi.

Free Covid Testing in Corpus Christi

We conduct free Rapid Covid tests in Corpus Christi. A Rapid Covid test is a procedure in Corpus Christi that detects the presence of certain proteins of the Covid-19 virus. This test will determine whether or not you have an active virus.

Rapid Covid tests can be a fast testing option if you want to know your Covid status. Results are ready in as little as 15 minutes. These drive-up rapid tests are also known as antigen tests and are offered at our Corpus Christi location. A confirmatory PCR sample is collected when needed.

Requirements for a free Covid test in Corpus Christi:

  • A valid ID
  • A current insurance card

PCR Covid Testing in Corpus Christi

PCR Covid tests in Corpus Christi are the most accurate way to test for Covid-19 virus. PCR Covid tests can be done right in our clinic and detect the genetic material of the Covid-19 virus. 

These drive-up Rapid PCR Covid-19 tests are administered while you are in your vehicle. The process is quick and painless. It takes just a few minutes so you can get back on the road in record time. Your results can be ready in 45 minutes.

To verify your results, you’ll receive a travel-approved PDF document sent through our HIPAA-compliant software. This ensures that you’ll promptly receive what you need for domestic or international travel.

  • Our PCR Covid test is only $200.

Why Get  A Covid Test in Corpus Christi with Medberry Clinic

Stellar Covid Testing and Treatment

If you tested positive we can offer treatment. All of our testing sites are Test-To-Treat sites. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, then you can opt into being evaluated virtually by our highly skilled staff. The cost for treatment is only $75.

Inclusive and Inexpensive Covid Testing in Corpus Christi

We administer Covid tests to people of all ages. We also provide free rapid Covid tests to patients with a valid ID and updated insurance card.

At Medberry Clinic, we aim to provide patients with fast, convenient access to affordable healthcare. We accept all health insurance options from patients to make our process as simple as possible. 

Quick and Easy Drive-Up Covid Testing

We understand the need for quick testing procedures and results. This is why our Corpus Christi clinic provides drive-up Covid testing. It’s safe and convenient because Covid-19 protocols are followed. Our highly trained medical professionals are fully equipped with the appropriate PPE. 

Get a Covid Test at Medberry Clinic

We provide you with easy and convenient Covid testing in Corpus Christi. At Medberry Clinic, our staff is committed to giving you a pleasant experience because you are our highest priority.

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